Saturday 11th November Acoustic Stage - Church House – evening

Liverpool-born Raphael Callaghan’s personal brand of blues and gospel are chock full of inspired singing, incisive songwriting and acoustic blues grooves. They’re delivered in his own hybrid alternative tunings, neither major nor minor but, as he says, ‘something in between.’ His first recordings, with Jim James, are on a 1969 Liberty label LP, I Asked For Water She Gave Me Gasoline produced by Tony McPhee, of the legendary Groundhogs. His own recent solo CDs, Said And Done and Blue Lies, have been featured on the BBC Radio Two Blues Show. In a long and varied career he’s played with Alexis Korner, Jo Ann Kelly, Eric Bibb, Jesse Mae Hemphill and Bonnie Raitt.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

07900 091 664